“DJ Vinnie is the best. He DJ’ed our wedding and the wedding of some close friends two years ago, and both were fantastic. Yay Vinnie!

First of all, he is so professional and easy to work with during the planning phase. We met with him twice and he was very detailed oriented and careful. He coordinated with our wedding planner and our other vendors making sure every detail was covered. So dependable.

On the day of, he was there early and was super organized. He provided music for our wedding ceremony and the reception which was a little complicate for him, but he handled it seamlessly.

Finally, we LOVED the music. Pretty much everyone was on the dance floor the entire night. He was able to read the crowd and played great tunes. He stayed away from the music we did not want included and was able to integrate our favorites with some amazing tunes. Many of our guests commented on how wonderful and fun the dancing was. We had a blast.

I there were six stars available (on Yelp), Vinnie would get them. Really, he is the wonderful. No need to look further.”

-Emlyn J., Berkeley, CA

“If I could give DJ Vinnie ten stars (on Yelp) here I would. He’s that great. From start to finish, pre meetings, detail emails and phone calls to the day of our wedding Vinnie just kept on showing up like the courteous badass veteran DJ he is.

We got more compliments on DJ Vinnie and the music than anything at our wedding. People kept coming up to us on the dance floor and excitedly yelling “Who is this DJ and where did you find him?!”

I’m a musician and I’ve spent years touring, throwing events and curating music for a range of parties-Vinnie is the best I’ve seen.

My recommendation is to trust this man completely and let him work his tasteful audio magic on your event. Let go and let DJ Vinnie take your party to new heights.”

-Doug S., San Pablo, CA

“DJ Vinnie had us on our feet all night long at our wedding. We were organizing from afar and he was really great in working with us to make sure that there was something for everyone on the play list–which was no small thing since the mix included Salsa, Big Band, Classic Rock, R&B, Jazz, and Afro-Funk. We had a couple phone conversations as we were finalizing our wedding plans. He was very professional, very organized, and thoughtful. He immediately put us at ease that he would set the right mood for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and dance party. By the time the cocktail hour began, everyone started dancing. As for his professionalism, he communicated with the caterer and the “day-of” hostess before the event to ensure that everything ran smoothly. We both agree that having DJ Vinnie spin at our wedding was the BEST decision we made (other than the choice to marry one another). Friends and family kept commenting about how great the music was. We ended the party with a big “rueda” (choo choo train) as everyone parted their way. He made the wedding a success. Hire DJ Vinnie if you are planning an event..”

-Jose A., College Corner, OH

“We got married in June of 2013 and chose Vinnie as our DJ. Having talked to numerous other possibilities, Vinnie had the deepest and broadest knowledge of music in general and, in particular, the sorts of things we wanted (everything from danceable jazz, to intelligent r&b, to Thievery Corporation, and David Bowie). Our wedding guests ranged in age from 1 to 80-something, and we received nonstop compliments on the music. My husband has had a long career as a successful touring musician, so many of our guests really know their music. This, among other reasons, is why we obsessed over finding the perfect DJ. I had a really good feeling about Vinnie from our first phone conversation, and when my husband and I met with him to discuss music, we immediately knew we had scored, and were in good hands.”

-Mary H., San Francisco, CA

“Vinnie truly lives up to his reputation!

My fiance and I had always wanted a live band at our wedding, but in talking to a friend who had him as their d.j. last year at a private setting in the Wine Country, we realized he was our guy! From the very beginning he showed incredible professionalism, contacting us and arranging to get together. He took a great deal of time to get to know who we were, to learn more about our upcoming Napa wedding, and to feel out our vision. After that meeting a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders. He kept in contact with both us as well as the site coordinator at our wedding venue. Then came the wedding night…the music was SO well done! He got people who I didn’t think were physically capable of dancing to be inspired and take to the dance floor. As the bride I think I only left the dance floor once to make a beeline for the bathroom! If I had it to do over again, we would rewind our wedding night and dance all over again…thank you Vinnie for exceeding our expectations!”

-Megan L., Napa, CA

“We hired Vinnie as our wedding DJ and enjoyed his professionalism from start to finish. From initial interviews to discuss the details we hadn’t even considered, to his commitment and attention to detail (making multiple trips to the venue ahead of time to test equipment, etc.) he inspired confidence and the happy realization that we didn’t need to worry. In fact, we left the music selection almost entirely up to him and loved his varied choices for cocktail hour, dinner, and dance music. At the event itself, a crowd of over 100 almost never left the dance floor. The music appealed to 3 generations of guests even though the younger generation likely had never heard it before. At our request, he also artfully managed the microphone, communicating the information we had asked him to and saving us from impromptu speeches. In short, he is a wildly talented artist who is flexible and tirelessly respectful.

His professionalism made us glad to have hired him and his artistry made the event magical and memorable. We wholeheartedly recommend him for any event where you want great music and the ease of dealing with someone who really knows his stuff.”

- Adrian B., Orinda, CA

“I could not be happier that we picked Vinnie to DJ our wedding on 10/27/12. He drove all the way up to Sacramento to meet with us and everything he picked for the evening was perfect. Absolutely perfect. He actually got my parents to dance who I’ve never seen dance in 40 years. He is an amazing DJ and one of the nicest people you’ll meet.”

- Michelle C., Sacramento, CA

“5 Reasons Why I love DJ Vinnie:

1. Because he is not the kind of DJ that is product of a wedding factory that only knows how to play the tired wedding mash up (We are Family, YMCA, Dancing Queen, etc) - although he can play that if that’s what you want. You can tell that music is his passion and it shows in the careful interest that he shows in trying to figure out your specific taste, likes and dislikes.

2. Because he knows how to read and please a diverse crowd. Like most wedding party groups, ours was really mixed - French, Colombian, Argentine, Koreans, and of course the good ol Americans - so we were really worried about having music that kept everyone in the mood to dance. DJ Vinnie played a mix of soul, salsa, hip hop, Latin pop, classic rock in such a way that kept all groups up and happy. He’s able to really feel out the room and the people which I think is one of the most important things to look for in a DJ.

3. He is so freakin professional. His professionalism, careful attention to detail, sincere interest in the success of our wedding was what made DJ Vinnie one of my favorite providers. He always answered my emails and calls super fast and I loved that he was so proactive in calling our venue and wedding coordinator to make sure all the details were in place and taken care of.

4. He is experienced and will help you make sure you have a very smooth, stress-free reception. Because he’s got a lot of wedding and event experience, he helped us out a lot with logistics and small details that you would never even think of but make a huge impact on the smoothness of your wedding. A few days before the wedding, he helped us smooth over a problem in relation to our venue and equipment rental helped us save over $1,000 in rentals because of his maneuver! Also, he was so good about dealing with and calming down the nerves of an apprehensive monstrous bridezilla (me).

5. He is so cool and so flexible. I loved that DJ Vinnie was down to stay longer than most DJs would. He’s really flexible on many levels which makes things so much easier for anyone planning a stressful event. When you talk to other DJs, it’s very cut and dry, like here’s the package and you get exactly this many hours, this many microphones, blah blah. It’s so nice to work with someone who actually cares about your individual needs and wants and won’t charge you extra for every single thing that’s not in their package. We really didn’t have a big wedding budget but music for me was probably the most important factor of the wedding and so I really appreciated that DJ Vinnie was flexible enough to work around my budget. Which brings me to another point that is crucial for most couples shopping around - his prices are really reasonable and super competitive for such an experienced, talented Bay Area DJ.”

- Katherine K., Livermore, CA

“Vinnie DJ’d our wedding in San Francisco in January 2012 and did a tremendous job! He is thorough, professional and has a great collection of records. He arranged for a meeting with us shortly after we contacted him to go over everything from our taste in music to our reception venue and asked a bunch of really good questions - some of which we had not thought of. He visited our reception venue in advance of our wedding day (not once, but twice after there was a change in managers!) to confirm his set-up and he worked smoothly with our ‘day-of’ person during the reception. He brilliantly mixed the artists and songs we asked him to play with other really cool artists and songs and had our parents and friends grooving and my 9 year old nephew break-dancing - we’ve got the pictures to prove it! You are in very good hands with Vinnie.”

- Mike A., San Francisco, CA

“I don’t know if I can add much more to everything that has already been said. Vinnie is the best, period. We just had our wedding in October and nearly every guest took the time to come up to us and comment on how amazing our DJ was. During dinner, all the guests would get quiet and wait each time a song was ending, because they were so curious to hear what he’d play next. His instincts are dead-on. Each time I thought we had reached the pinnacle of great music on the dance floor (you know, when a song is so good that everyone is going ape-shit on the dance floor, and you just know that any song after that will be a letdown), the next song was better. He reads the crowd and knows where it wants to go. We ended up extending 2 hours past our booked time at the venue because people couldn’t get enough. Men who don’t normally dance had literally soaked through their dress shirts.

A few practical matters. He answers emails, texts, and calls promptly. He is very reasonably priced. He wears a nice suit for your wedding. He comes early and stays late. He is not cheesy and will not play cheesy music (YMCA, etc) unless you insist. He spins vinyl. You can give him an ipod with songs you want to hear, and he alternates them on 2 channels, i.e., his stuff, your stuff. He will not just play your stuff in order, but will make the transitions awesome. Of course, you can have him do all his stuff too. We like him so much that we are now thinking of having a big party just so we can hire him again. Don’t waste your time calling other folks. You have enough other details to deal with. Just hire him now.”

- Laurie C., San Francisco, CA

“My wife and I hired Vinnie to DJ at our wedding reception. We loved him so much that I feel compelled to write my first ever Yelp review. My wife read a newspaper article about him and was impressed that he spins vinyl instead of using mp3s. Having been to several weddings with terrible DJs, the music was one of the most important aspects for both of us. We set up a meeting with him at a local bar. Immediately after the meeting, we knew that we would hire him for our wedding. Vinnie is professional, down-to-earth, and just a genuinely nice person. Vinnie is very open and honest in setting up a contract and was also very responsive throughout the whole process. He was easily able to grasp the vibe we wanted for our reception.

Vinnie was able to handle all of the last minute program and announcement changes at our wedding without any problems. He interacted well with our family and friends. Most importantly, the dance floor was packed all night with everyone from young kids to older adults. We gave Vinnie minimal guidance as to what to play/not play. I honestly don’t think we needed to do that. Vinnie is great at reading the crowd and finding the best songs to match the vibe. Our family and friends are still raving about the great time they had.

My wife and I are hoping to come up with another party so that we have another chance to hire Vinnie in the future. If you’re looking for a non-cheesy DJ and actually care about the music that will be played at your event, look no further.”

- Marcus D, San Francisco, CA

“Just wanted to say thanks for DJing the wedding last month. I had lots of great feedback from guests, but I also just really dug the music myself. It was exactly what I was hoping for!”

- David Hargis and Joanna Rosenberg, San Francisco, CA

“DJ Vinnie is Awesome! Absolutely the best!

Vinnie is professional, experienced, and extremely talented. We had an outdoor wedding/ reception in August. Fortunately a friend recommended Vinnie. We met up with him and gave Vinnie very little instruction before the wedding since we only had a vague idea of how we wanted the day to go. Amazingly Vinnie understood what we wanted with a couple questions, sketched the layout of our venue, and then assured us that he had us covered. And boy did he ever!

Initially we tried to make our wedding, just a party to celebrate friends. But of course about every element of a wedding ceremony and reception worked themselves into our celebration. Vinnie, essentially became a wedding planner, MC and DJ. With Vinnie’s forethought and planning, the day turned out perfect. Vinnie arrived 4 hours early to make sure we would have the best sound possible and even set up microphones for us to use during the ceremony, everything sounded crystal clear. With a few quick discrete check-in with us, he did a fantastic job orchestrating the flow of all the key events and kept everyone in the loop as to what was happening with grace and flexibility. Vinnie is pretty cool with the microphone!

Vinnie was instrumental in making our big day a total success!!! He is kind, professional, reliable and, oh yeah, HE SPINS AMAZING TUNES. Music sets the mood of a party and this is where Vinnie is in a class of his own. Honestly we trusted Vinnie to play whatever music he wanted for the wedding. We figured he has done this a lot more times than we have. Once again Vinnie asked a few questions on what we liked and the ages of the guest and he nailed it. Vinnie thought of everything; pre wedding music, ceremony music, cocktail hour music, dinner music, cake cutting music, and the dance floor music. Vinnie’s skills got everyone dancing! I mean EVERYONE! Our guests couldn’t stop raving about how fantastic the music was and how much fun they were having, that made us feel proud.

Vinnie is a master with his equipment, and his stock of vinyl is phenomenal. He spins records, he wants to spin records, let him spin his records. He will pull the iPod out when required, but he doesn’t really need to, if you let him do his thing, you (and your guests) won’t be disappointed.”

-Susan S., Santa Cruz, CA

“You were the best dj we could ever have hoped for!”

- Sarah and Philip Bryan, San Francisco, CA

“Vinnie is the perfect amalgam of expertise, style and musical intuition. He has an innate sense of how to play to the communal mood in a room and injects each set with a down right funky and unique touch. I have known Vinnie professionally and socially for years and could wax poetic about his character all day. Do yourself a favor and hire him. He just made my wedding magic.”

- Adrienne Moore Bowling (Adrienne and Johnny Bowling), San Francisco, CA

“I can honestly say that Vinnie Esparza is the best DJ I’ve heard at any wedding and I was fortunate to have him at my own wedding. If people weren’t dancing they were enjoying the eclectic mix of dance, funk, jazz, latin, and soul music that was weaved together in an organic, groovy way. A doctor friend of mine was in from Australia and he never left the decks where Vinnie was spinning because he wanted to see what next tasteful record the DJ was going to pull out. Young kids, parents, and all of me and my wife’s friends danced and/or chilled the whole night to Vinnie’s set list and he was cool and professional on the microphone when we needed him as well. A+ recommendation!”

- Jason and Caren Olaine, San Francisco, CA

“My husband danced the whole night and he NEVER dances. Who was that DJ?”

- Lori C. a guest at the Olaine wedding.

“I have experienced Vinnie’s work both as a consumer and as a producer. In both cases he was creative, fun and a pleasure to work with. I only saw happy people when Vinnie was spinning.”

-Tim Jackson, Monterey Jazz Festival

“Vinnie was the perfect DJ for our wedding; he has an extensive selection of music, he listened to what we wanted and didn’t make anyone do the chicken dance.”

-Katie Gray Asplund, San Francisco, CA

“Amazing. We love Vinnie…great music and a pleasure to work with.”

-Kristie and Giancarlo Pelligrino, San Francisco, CA

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